Bill Tenny-Brittian, author of Hitchhikers' Guide to EvangelismI’m Bill Tenny-Brittian and I’ve been in church since 9 months before I was born. But when I moved to Seattle I discovered that everything I knew about evangelism was wrong, i.e., it didn’t work. Once I discovered what did work, I wrote it down and created a training DVD series so others would be able to share their faith in an effective, relevant, and culturally sensitive way that won’t embarrass them, their friends, or their church.

This is the handout for the Mainline Evangelism webinar I presented for the Christian Church in the Midwest. Feel free to download it and use it as a resource. It works well with the Hitchhikers’ book or DVD series, or as an introduction to any evangelism class where the “E” word is suspect.

Congregational and individual evangelism training. Relevant, practical, culturally sensitive evangelism that won’t embarrass you, your friends, or your church.